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Splunk .conf23

Keeping systems running? Blocking attacks? Optimizing apps? You’re in the business of innovation. Join us at .conf23 to learn how to unlock your data and deliver new ideas with Splunk.


Las Vegas, NV, USA


July 17-20, 2023

BSides Splunk 2023

This is a community-led and run event, 100% by members of the Splunk Community; Splunk partners, users, and even the SplunkTrust. We strive to bring technical content to the end users. We focus on the big picture bringing in people from around the community. Talks can be about Splunk, Splunk Add-Ons, applications to connect to Splunk, application that have been developed because of Splunk, and oh course the crazy way we use Splunk. Are you a Splunker, Splunk Community Member, Splunk Partner, Big Data Lover, or just someone curious about technology? You are in the right place!




October 2023

Event Venue

BSides Splunk 2022

We are reviewing the data from Splunk .conf22 with the possiblity of a in-person event. We will alway do our best to stream the conference. We love that our community extends to cover the world and want to make sure we are able to provide access to knowledge to everyone.

Splunk .conf23

This information has not been released.


  • We are made up of dedicated Splunk Community Members. We want to help everyone on their knowledge journey of becoming the best they can with using Splunk. We do work closely with the Splunk Community Team but we are not an official Splunk event.

  • Yes. We have worked with the team at BSides and have gotten the approval to be an official member. We are happy to be part of such a wonderful organization with the mission to share knowledge.

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