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We have held our technical conference the past three years. The first two years we were a part of the Community Lounge. The third year we were able to have our own conference. We feel this gave a boost the Splunk Community as it was near the half way point in the year between .conf events. But our hearts will always be in the .conf events, otherwise known as the Splunk Communities Family Reunion. To see talks from the past BSides Splunk events, please choose a year to see the full line up as well as the details about that event.




Here is a list of all the talks that have ever been given at a BSides Splunk event.

Year Speaker(s) Talk
2021 Aleem Cummins and Suman Gajavelly AWS Splunk Environments: A step by step guide to empowering collaborative community learning
2021 Alex Teixeira The ultimate Authentication Brute-Force detection using super stats
2021 Ari Donio Tips for Lighter Faster and Calmer Splunking - | makereults and | gentimes and some random()% too!
2021 Atef Kouki Integrate Splunk Cloud into your CI/CD pipelines
2021 Cary Petterborg Simplifying your regex environment
2018 David Paper Cloud Customer Best Practices
2019 Gared Seats Splunk and FIPS (The F stands for Fun)
2021 Gauri Bansode Leveraging SearchNow in Summary index to boost query performance
2021 Gregg Woodcock Looping in Splunk
2019 Gregg Woodcock and Noah Woodcock The “Gotchas” of Splunk: users beware!
2019 Gregg Woodcock and Noah Woodcock Upgrading Splunk_TA_windows WITHOUT breakage!
2021 Gregg Woodcock and Noah Woodcock Dashboard Dirty Tricks
2018 Harry McLaren Hunting Hard, Failing Fast, Maintaining Integrity
2021 Henry Canivel Preparing Cybersecurity Recipes for Mature and Effective Security Content
2019 Jason Rauen Python 3 in Splunk: How PyDen will put the full power of Python in your stack
2018 Jim O'Donald DevSplunkOps or why 10 is greater than 20500
2019 Kristerpher Henderson The United States of Distributed Search
2018 Kyle Smith Lesser Known Search Commands
2021 Lizzy Li and Miranda Luna Reintroducing Splunk Dashboards
2018 Lowell Alleman Managing Splunk Deployments with Git and KSCONF
2018 Martin Mueller Job Inspector ramblings
2018 Martin Mueller Turing down for what: Showing that Splunk literally can do all the things
2019 Michael Camp Bentley (“aka JKat54”) Debugging Connectivity w/OpenSSL
2019 Michael Uschmann Take a Walk into the Art Of Dark Sky Photography
2021 Michael Uschmann Let's talk about clustered forwarders ... WAT
2018 Mick Hanna Interns to Winterns
2019 Mike Fettis Splunk as a CLI and docker in docker
2018 Nick Mealy Wayback machine - Driving around in Splunk 1.0, 2.0 and 3.4
2019 Nick Mealy Wayback machine - Driving around in Splunk 1.0, 2.0 and 3.4
2021 Phil Meyerson Oversight: Building an Asset Inventory Data Pipeline
2019 Philippe Tang PwnyBot Slackbot
2018 Rich Galloway Internals of _internal
2021 Rich Mahlerwein Supportability using Health Checks
2021 Rich Mahlerwein Custom commands in Cribl Logstream made easy
2018 Rich Mahlerwein and Evelynne Mahlerwein Learn Regex from a 12 year old
2018 Rich Mahlerwein and Nick Mealy Building for Supportablility vs Murphys Law
2021 Rob Gresham SOAR Response Plans
2021 Ryan Faircloth Get unTrapped Open Collection of SNMP Data
2021 Ryan Wood What's in my Data? Field Analysis for the Advanced Engineer
2019 Steven Bochniewicz Multi-Tenant Splunk Pitfalls from the Pit
2021 Timothy Briggs and Dustin Frey How CrowdStrike's Incident Response team harnesses the power of Splunk to achieve rapid response and remediation times.
2021 Tom Kopchak and Joshua Neubecker Splunking the Hack of a Virtual Hydroelectric Power Plant
2021 Tom West Home Assistant + NodeRED + Splunk = Smart Home Success!
2021 Tom West Dashboarding Wowzas
2018 Tony Reinke Splunk Neighborhood Speeds