BSides Splunk 2022

Live from BSides Splunk

We enjoy our time with our Splunk family at all the .conf events, but there is just something special about having your own event. We are ready to bring everyone the technical contect they are hungry for.


Hybrid - We are closely monitoring the state of the world. Everyone is a data point and we want to make sure that we do what is right for our community. We are workng with the goal to have this a hybrid event. We want everyone to feel safe while being able to get amazing technical content.We also understand not everyone can fly, drive, bike, or swim to see us. How are we to tell you how to consume your love of data?


We are working with the Splunk Community team as well as the Splunk Global Events team to lock in a date. We will update this site as we learn more. Currently are planning for an October date.


What are we going to choose as the theme for our event? Only time will tell...